When it comes to renovating a room in your home, the kitchen is the most valuable room in the house. Whether it requires a minor refresh or a major remodel, it's important to crunch some numbers before deciding 100% what you would like to do. Curious to know how much it costs to remodel your kitchen? Drop us an email and click 'FIND OUT MORE' and we will be glad to help you out. When it comes to planning a kitchen remodel looking at the ‘big picture’ can be overwhelming. We’ve managed to break it down step-by-step to make it simple and easy to understand.

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Bathrooms/ Master Baths/ Powder Rooms


 Bathrooms are so satisfying to renovate. There's the thrill of yanking out old tiles and toilets, not to mention those grubby fittings that's been there since the home has been built. Now comes the fun part, finding their replacements. Your choice of shower head and hardware greatly influences a bathroom's look. Can't quite picture it? Our team of designers will help you choose your new style and come up with a unique design that you can call your own oasis.  Drop us a line and click 'FIND OUT MORE' to get you started with your next bathroom remodel.

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Living/ Dining Room


Do you find your living space just plain old and boring? Did you know you can give your living space a high end look with just adding a few key elements to the room?  Could be simply adding some new trim on the walls/ceilings, new updated light fixtures and much more! Ask us how to find out how you can give your living spaces that look you've always wanted. Click 'FIND OUT MORE' and send us your questions. 

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Are you tired of having too much stuff crammed in your closet? Our team of designers will sit down with you and come up with a) functioning closet b) a design you haven't yet thought of and c) a closet you can now show off to your friends and family. Why stop at your traditional closet shelf and a rod to hang your clothes on?  Why not make it a 'Wow factor' in your home. Whether it be your bedroom, the hall closet or even the mud room. Drop us a line and we'll get you started. 

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 The basement is one of the most underrated areas in your home. It has endless potential beyond being used as a dark, and cold space. With a little creativity from out design team, you can transform your basement into a wonderful space that will increase not only its value but also the overall value of your home. It doesn’t have to cost you a second mortgage either. Ask us how we can create your basement into the new hang out spot.

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When you look at your garage. What do you see? Are you embarrassed to open your garage door so your neighbors' see how much stuff you actually have? At RLGC we look at a garage as another living space. Adding a few cabinets and installing a new funky floor can really make it a wow factor for you and your neighbors. It doesn't stop there! We dig deeper then just a functioning design. We look for air leaks, proper insulation and also make sure it's safe for you and your family.  Want to get started? Send us a quick email asking to check out your garage! 

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Trim Work


The one item that can really add to the overall appeal of the home may be the trim work and wainscoting. It can make even an average home look custom. Putting new trim work or wainscoting in a room can be another one of those very satisfying jobs in your home.

Whether you are in a new home or improving an old one, here are some things that we can share with you to make the experience a rewarding one and add value and character to your home. Find out more by sending us an email requesting more information.

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Here's the million dollar question we're going to ask you! Do you move? OR do you stay and  build an addition?  In high-value areas did you know it can be worthwhile adding an addition to your home rather then moving? But in other parts of the city it won't be worth it. So should you move somewhere bigger, or extend your house to make it large enough for you and your family. In some situations the decision is, of course, made for you. Whether it makes more sense to move or to extend depends on a number of different factors – the costs involved, your future plans, how emotionally attached you are to your house, the area you live in and the type of house you have. Ask us how we can help you with this tough question. 

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Man Caves


 Since time began, men have needed personal places to relax, hide away from the world and have a drink or three. And, while these first man caves were likely literal caves, the spaces have evolved over time and are now filled with the most exciting gizmos and gadgets we can buy. What about women? What about their spaces? We can come up with a unique design for both male and female and create your 'man cave'. Lets get started! 

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Did you know it only takes a person 8 seconds to decide whether the home is a yay or nay JUST by looking at the landscape? This is in fact 100 percent true! Our team of designers work with you to create an outdoor living space. Here are 5 simple things you should know. 1) Landscaping has health benefits. 2) It encourages family time outside. 3) Good for entertaining. 4) You are helping the environment. 5) Think re-sale value. A nice landscape job will guarantee your money back if not more! Send us a quick line to flip your landscape. 

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Barns perform three basic functions. They can house and shelter livestock, store feed and equipment, and provide a workspace. As such, they can be specialized or multiuse. Livestock barns are most commonly designed for horses, but can be modified for goats, sheep and/ or other stock. Barns that function more like a workshop can provide space for carpentry and mechanical repairs or simply used as storage. Old-style working barns typically blend one or more of these functions, though hay storage on large spreads frequently demands a dedicated structure (or two). Contact us today and lets get barn building!

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